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A Morning Routine for Busy Moms

In the morning before I get out of bed I take a breath and think about what I’m grateful for.

What am I grateful for today?

What am I grateful for RIGHT NOW?

Then I think about what I’m going to do in the first 5 minutes of my day:

I drink a glass of water

I journal for what I’m grateful for.

I exercise for at least 15 to 20 minutes.

I identify my greatest intentions for the day.

And I read my affirmations.

Then I’m on to making breakfast and getting the boys up. I help them through their routine that includes affirmations, reading, creativity, exercise, and gratitude.

I have my space in the morning for about 30 minutes and they have theirs. And then we’re off to begin our day. With all the things I need to juggle, children, virtual school, working from home, building my businesses....just to name a few... I absolutely must be intentional with my time which includes gifting myself 30 minutes every morning for “me” time..

So my question to you as we kick off this holiday season is this:

What are you going to gift yourself? And how is that aligning to your bigger vision for yourself?

With Gratitude,


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