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Creating More Self Love

How often do you love yourself?

And when I say love yourself, I don’t mean getting a massage or getting your nails done.

Those are all GETS.

I mean true self-love. Kinda like when you experienced your first crush - and you were so excited to see that person and were always doing cute little things to show them how much you cared?

What if you did that for yourself? What if you were excited to hang out with yourself? To be in complete silence with yourself… What does that self-love look like?

Imagine being excited to actually spend time with yourself and not feel guilty about it.

That was my challenge: It was really hard to feel like I deserved it.

I had to dig up a lot of things and accept that I was worthy.

Not selfish, but worthy.

And I wanted you to know that you are too.


With Gratitude,


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