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Join the

FIERCE Academy

Create Your Next Personal

& Professional Evolution

Create Your Next Personal &

Professional Evolution

and say goodbye to the doubt that comes from playing it small and safe.

  • Get clarity on how to achieve your goals

  • Break your old habits that sabotage your progress

  • Organize and structure your life for success

  • Make high-level changes at an accelerated pace

  • Build your career or business the way YOU want to

  • Accomplish all your goals while still being a mom, wife, sister, or partner!

The FIERCE Academy will help you transform your perspective while giving you a mindset that deepens your self-awareness and resilience. 

It's Time to Write Your

Own Success Story

Create Your FIERCE (R)evolution in Just 6 Weeks

FIERCE Academy is a six-week, interactive online personal development program that is designed to help you create a solid life-strategy, optimize your daily habits, and accelerate your progress towards success.


Whether you’re an ambitious, success-oriented woman leader or a purpose-driven entrepreneur, the FIERCE Academy will kickstart your next-level evolution so you’re able to create the life you always wanted without having to give up what you love most: your family, career, and lifestyle.


The FIERCE Academy will give you the tools and resources create the level of success you know you’re capable of while surrounding you with a group of like-minded, independent women who can help you get there.

By Joining the FIERCE Academy,

You’ll Get Access to:

Three private coaching calls with Carolyn and exclusive access to Carolyn’s private messaging

(6) Six interactive group training calls led by Carolyn

Mentorship, accountability, and personalized feedback on how to achieve your goals

Access to a community of strong, independent, supportive women 

You Don't Have to Do It On Your Own

The FIERCE Academy was created to help ambitious, motivated women make high-level changes in their life at an accelerated pace. The 6 week program will help you create a next-level life in the midst of raising a family, growing your career, and even figuring out your self-worth. 


If you want to make more income, stay healthy, be present with your family, and/or level up your career, the FIERCE Academy is designed for you.


If you’ve ever thought that you have everything you THINK you want and still feel unfulfilled, then the FIERCE Academy is designed for you

"You may need to change your mindset to
understand that even if it did not work in the past,
that means you just haven't found a way to do it yet, but that doesn't mean that it can't be done. "

- Carolyn Colleen

How does the FIERCE Academy Work?

The FIERCE Academy is a 6-week crash course to take your life to the next level. You’ll work closely with Carolyn Colleen and the other members on a weekly basis to achieve and sustain the transformation you know you’re capable of.

Daily and Weekly Support to Make

Radical Transformations in Your Life

Week 1: Focus: Face Fear, Breathe, and Ignite your Inner Ferocity!

Week 2 &3: Identify: Deepen your Self-Awareness, Self-Development, Self-Care

Week 4&5: Examine Barriers: Advance your Success with FIERCE Clarity and Schedule Optimization

Week 5&6: Courage & Engage: FIERCE Courage and Unconditional Confidence to take FIERCE Action

The FIERCE Academy Also Includes:

FIERCE Focused Calls - Accelerate Your FIERCE Evolution

Members will receive exclusive access to Carolyn’s private Voxer for laser focused

voice coaching between group calls with Carolyn to help them create and execute a plan that will lead to real transformation. The calls will be focused on identifying the individual’s goals and creating a personalized gameplan to achieve them.

FIERCE Curriculum - Create Radical Transformation

Access six interactive group training calls led by Carolyn where we dive into the FIERCE strategies to help you face your fears, deepen your awareness, remove any barriers, and take courageous action towards your goals.

FIERCE Friends - The Next Level of Accountability

Members of the FIERCE Academy will be paired with another member of the program to help support and elevate their transformation. You’ll have someone you can talk to, lean on, and reach out to for support whenever you need it. Plus you’ll be able to develop and build lifelong relationships with women who have similar goals and aspirations.

FIERCE Faculty - Elevating Your Network

Members of the FIERCE Academy will have intimate access to experts and leaders in a variety of industries. You’ll be able to network with, learn from, and develop relationships with women who can create transformations in your personal and professional lives. Each month you’ll get to meet with a new expert on the live calls.

Lifetime Access to the FIERCE Network

After you complete the FIERCE Academy, you’ll continue to be invited to the FIERCE Network calls. The interactive, engaging workshops help individuals find and create personalized solutions to their unique challenges. These monthly calls with the FIERCE Faculty will allow you to continue your evolution long after the 6-weeks course.

Who Created the FIERCE Academy?

Carolyn Colleen was born and raised in the Midwest and a self-described FIERCE mother, daughter, sister, and friend. While her past has made a permanent stamp on her life, it doesn’t define her. Her past trauma and abuse have positioned her to develop and leverage her grit so that she can serve other women who want to transform their lives, too.


As a proud mom, corporate leader, and life & business strategist, She understands that it can feel impossible to add yet another item to the task list. But she’s living proof that you can transform your life in the midst of all that’s going on in your life. And she can help you do it too.

How do I join?

Membership to the FIERCE Academy is by application only. Each cohort has a capacity of 10 people  to maximize members’ success.

Click here to submit your application to join the next FIERCE Academy.

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