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Helping Organizations, Communities, and Teams come together to solve today’s most pressing problems.

An experience like none other

Find the solutions to your most critical challenges by tapping into the biggest resource you have:  your people.


Give your people a way for their voice to be heard and empower them to co-create and participate in the solutions.

FIERCE Experiences

The FIERCE Experiences team designs and facilitates conversations that lead to powerful outcomes. The process is based on a scientific-backed approach that allows participants to co-create community-wide solutions through their own individual strengths and perspectives.

Core Principles

Listen instead of



We believe that inquiry is the greatest form of intervention. The questions we ask are fateful and can change the lens through which we see the world. Organizations and their teams move in the direction of the questions they ask. When we ask better questions, we discover better solutions.

Strengths instead of Weaknesses

We focus on strengths. We don’t ignore problems but choose to view them through a generative lens. By focusing on the best of what was, what is, and what could be, we remove limitations that may constrain our thinking and hold us back. Organizations come alive when we start by asking what is working, what are our strengths and where are we performing at our best.

Community instead of Individual

We choose to engage the whole system because people care about what they create. Diversity has the power to add different perspectives, experiences, and insights into our conversations.  Support, commitment, and engagement around strategic initiatives are strengthened when “all voices matter.” This allows us to tap into the collective wisdom of the organization and unlock its full potential.

FIERCE Experiences Team

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Carolyn Colleen

Lead Facilitator


Nick Hemmert

Design Team


Monica Hemmert


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