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Maximize your personal and professional potential through tailored one-on-one coaching with Carolyn.

With a proven track record spanning more than 15 years of coaching, Carolyn has helped countless individuals reach new levels of professional success and personal fulfillment. Coaching with Carolyn can help you:

  • Overcome adversities

  • Strengthen your personal relationships

  • Improve professional connections

  • Uncover your driving force

  • Tap into your hidden potential

  • Enhance focus and clarity

Carolyn is a renowned keynote speaker, author, PhD (Candidate), and proud mother of three who uses her own life experiences as building blocks to help you break through adversity and into living your bliss. Through her FIERCE method, Carolyn can help you reach goals, such as writing books and blogs, losing weight, improving health and increasing your mental and physical energy. If that’s something you’re seriously considering, you can click here to contact Carolyn and schedule a free Zoom consultation.

The definition of "mentorship" can vary, depending on individuals and individual goals.  Before the label of mentorship, there are many other words to describe Carolyn Bostrack.  Leader, encourager, friend...  She always guides me to be a better person every day, referring me to resources and networks necessary to complete the next goal(s).  She listens to my repeated goals to "be more" as a person, then strategizes.  She helps me develop plans with a confident attitude, a realistic expectation, and always a twist to make the challenge a positive process.  Her goal is always clear: growth.  She teaches me how to fix "it" for myself-whatever "it" might be-while maintaining a high value of integrity.  There is always an understanding that in the midst of bravery, (approach to change in a positive way), Carolyn motivates because she doesn't ask more than something she would do herself.  Her accountability is genuine-and that is the secret ingredient to success in the mentor relationship with Carolyn Bostrack.  I am very grateful to Carolyn throughout many life junctions, and I highly recommend her help in the process of change.

Laura S

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