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Overcome Adversity

5 Minutes at a Time

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A FIERCE Approach to Personal Development 

You’ve been told you have to choose and prioritize. You've heard that you need to create an itemized list of what’s important enough to earn your attention. You've been advised to sacrifice what you want for what you need.

The truth is: you can have a next-level life even in the midst of mama chaos, career building, and the maze of figuring out your self-worth. You can live your best life. You can put your dreams in motion.

You’ve transformed before. I want to help you continue to grow, redefine, evolve... but this time without the trauma and stress. 


As Your Personal Life Strategist, I Can Help You Move on & Become Fierce  

Like many women, my first impactful transformation was born out of trauma. Adversity and hardship are things which often shape our lives and how we live. They come in many forms, from harmful physical and emotional abuse, post-traumatic stress to seemingly unbearable childhood trauma. Whatever we may think, harmful environments mold the way we view the world and others around us and they often hold us back.

But the greatest limitations are placed upon us by our own minds. Self-doubt, negativity, a lack of confidence and self-limiting beliefs are all things which keep us locked into the harm which we know does us no good, but also seems impossible to break free from.

So my mission is to empower women with the tools to be resilient in their lives - no matter their circumstances. Through this journey, we've also created a community of women who can support each other in our journey becoming FIERCE. 


Jump-Start Your Transformation with FIERCE Academy

FIERCE Academy is a six-week, interactive online life coaching program that helps women create a solid life strategy, optimize daily habits and accelerate personal growth and progress toward success in business, relationships, and self-awareness. You can live the life you've envisioned. You just have to be FIERCE about it. Apply now to learn more about the FIERCE Academy and how it can help you along you personal development journey.  

1 Life Fully Lived-Philly 1life 2018 LOG
1 Life Fully Lived-Philly 1life 2018 LOG
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When you make small changes in your
day-to-day life, those changes become habits and eventually, the habits become 

-Carolyn Colleen


F.I.E.R.C.E: Transform your life in the face of adversity, 5 minutes at a time!

Fierce Academy

Fierce Revolution

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